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Following the guide will get it done perfectly. Few things that WERE different were 2 more screws under a piece of plastic whereunder lie the caps-lock, scroll-lock and num-lock leds. However, you can change a few things in XP and run them on an SD card like virtual memory. HI, any current info on parts sim holder and epci locations for your 3G mod would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for the video and blogs on the Aspire One; I think they have helped me convince myself that I need to buy one! Seeing as the product code is ZG5, same as the Acer One, it made sense. Used your procedure and it works perfectly!

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Thanks for the inspiration.

Here are the details: Hi tnkgrl, I was wondering -are you going to mate a tutorial for placing an internal usb hub? Great mods Tnkgrl… Any chance you might aspire to a firewire mod? After reading the comment from tnkgrl i have changed my plans and re routed the power connections to the locations that she describes in her hack. Switching off bluetooth and wireless would be useful in airplanes and hospitals. I say that because I have lost some abilities in my hands for accuracy.


Thanks for you mods, garrett.

Has anyone tried to install win xp on a 2. Let me know fi you want pics. I did the same as kong. Hi hluetooth, Been reading and watching your Asus Aspire one modding guide, and there is a prblem I have.

I cleaned up the clear plastic piece and glued bluetootg down. Do you think the RAM is the problem? The hardware is not detecting at all.

Bluetooth and touch screen on Acer Aspire One AOA150/ZG5?

I have a bunch of those cables around too, so I will have to dig one aoa1550. Makes it much easier. Your video made it happen for me! Rob on October 30, Hey — thanks for the great tutorials — I was wonderinng if you have considered modding the acer with touchscreen- i have seen other posts around modding asus with touchscreen so I think it would be kinda bluegooth if it was possible with acers.

Thanks again for the excelent site and all the help. Best is to use 2 wires bluetoorh an shielded Pata flat cablebecause their distance is exact the same as the solder pads on the board. Again, if you need someone to do minute small soldering, please let me know.

Hello all, I did the bluetooth mod with a micro usb bluetooth dongle. Bljetooth have seen a place inside the battery place for some thing like semi card but no info for can u tell me about to use it plz. My soldering skills on stuff of this size really suck.


Modding the Acer Aspire One – Bluetooth – tnkgrl Media

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. My skills are blhetooth that good either Joe! Joe Harper on January 12, 8: Thanks in advance, keep up the good stuff. It is much smaller compared to the standard USB devices, that you can leave it always plugged in. Now I have no video. Could you please state the memory unit specs that you used to upgrade the One in the video. If you have one share it with me and i just might post about it!

You have to open the whole unit to get to the memory, not just a trap door.

It works without interfering with the built-in wireless or disabling any of the available USB ports. Or perhaps a work around?