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I can do two exactly same swipes and in one case the pointer will move an inch, and in other it will fly across two monitors Anyone know how to fix it? This isn’t really a solution to the question. Besides, I’ll switch to Debian next week, because Windows 10 has proven to be a hindrance to my occupation as a data engineer. Can you help me to find a solution? Tip Get rid of the terrible Asus smart gesture and get precision touchpad drivers! Well, the settings appeared but scroll doesn’t seem to work for example.

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Well, the settings appeared but scroll doesn’t seem to work for example. Subreddit theme is disabled, let us know why so we can improve it, message us. The buttons are a part of the pad.

Between Msi and Asus HenrisDec 21,in forum: Have you tried rebooting? Gesutre you don’t trust this link, you can find it yourself in the catalog: I tried to install your driver first, then the Elan and Synaptics one. Tech Support – gestude to solving problems and helping others out.

If it’s anything like elanntech last version, the very few settings they haven’t hidden completely are available when you open the “SmartarseGesture” program. Battery life did indeed get a bit better and my energy settings aren’t being tampered with anymore.


Which updated version can I download that is compatible with my laptop? That made it work much better for me. I’m sorry, should have mentioned that, but I totally forgot as I don’t use it anyway.

In fact, the precision touchpad settings are slightly more customizable. Can you send this video to Asus support? And had to do a lot of uninstalling and reinstalling to revert it back to stock for my touchpad because the hotkey fn- f9 stopped working, and I finally just got it back to work again. With this bug you can’t use most of the Windows Store apps correctly.

Replace ASUS Smart Gesture with Elantech

The touchpad will work just fine without it Please tell me if this worked for you: Someone in the comments said that after the Fall Creators Update, he can’t use the precision touchpad drivers.

I wonder if they’ve used Synaptics touchpad on this, instead of Elan. They have fifteen different laptops, with completely different hardware, that all have the same bios settings.

Hi, I’m having troubles with my PC. When I go to the troubleshooting page on the asus website, there is a feature on the elantech setting called “Palm Tracking” which fixes the problem well Gestuee hope it does. To limit my complaints to functional issues: Every few months I check to see if anyone has found a workaround or made an alternative driver.


windows 10 – Using an Asus’ touchpad without Smart Gesture – Super User

What difference does it make. If you mean swipe, three-finger scroll, zoom, multitouch, that sort of thing. I feel your pain, I have spent a couple of hours trying to get rid of this application since it gives me a lot of issues. I showed it in this video: Cursor jumping around and accidentally clicking things from palm touching the trackpad while typing.

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New Elantech and Asus Smart Gesture drivers, how are they?

That’s a pity, kinda strange cause the generic elan drivers didn’t work well for me, I guess it’s a difference in hardware. Maybe more people will make it reasonable for them to fix this. Preferring minimality over garbage, I chose for the first option.