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There are only two dining halls to choose from, and the one with better food has crappy hours, especially on the weekends. When I first got there, I tried to be as friendly and outgoing as possible, only to find that people reciprocated with a snotty, off-standish attitude. University Police has an annual initiative to identify bicycles on campus that appear to be unclaimed or abandoned. My freshman was arrested walking to his dorm and charged with drunk in public and minor in possession of alcohol with no alcohol on his person and a breathalyzer reading of. I loved my time at CNU and felt like I got a great education here. Most everyone I know will tell you the same thing; it seemed like such a great place, then they got in and realized how much crap is really going on here. Rich testified that he was asleep when the crash occurred.

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Bathrooms are shared with your suite mates, so its about 4 or 5 to a bathroom but downside is it is not cleaned by the janitorial staff.

Interviews seem to become more commonplace in every facet of life as o Skip to Main Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. But let’s be honest, what college campus isn’t nice looking?

Crime Prevention Programming – University Police – Christopher Newport University

Smith and Brin were traveling west on I when the Ford Taurus they were in was struck head-on by an SUV traveling eastbound driven by Evans, according to police. Fowler, who turned 21 in March, a student from McLean, crashed into a car sutdents William Schlifke, 22, of Fairfax, just before 2 a. The coach is arrogant and snooty and believes he is gods gift to coaching men’s lacrosse FALSEhe will sucker you in with false hope for starting and free apparel which are all the wrong reasons to commit.


I take the values CNU expresses, service, character, and integrity, to heart. cju

Christopher Newport University

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. They found him guilty of two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and three counts of maiming by DUI.

What to do for a Successful Interview Email it! College is a huge milestone in your life.

I could not stay there and came home almost every weekend Dry campus so all parties were far away. They’ll spend however much it takes! One of the most important academic choices you’ll make while in colleg I could write 3 pages full of things that have caused me to decide to leave CNU as fast as I possibly could.

Since everyone is trying to do it at once, the internet freezes up and there are not enough spaces in the classes for every student. Niche User 2 months ago Overall Experience Report. It can be frustrating to see PLP students of a lower grade level enrolling in classes you need before you have the option.

wtudents They said they did not see brake lights or hear any skidding before Fowler’s Acura crashed into a Volkswagen Schlifke was driving. The Rape Aggression Defense system is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women.

Admitted Students

As a senior finishing her scholastic year, I feel that it is my duty Right now it is the construction. Search for Schools by Region All Schools At least there is a wide variety of nasty food you can eat.


Cooley said the last time he saw him was around This school has no regard for its students, all it cares about is looking good and making money. Niche User 6 months ago Overall Experience Report. Schlifke died two days later.


We also offer programs each semester at various times where you can register your bicycle. It seems like this construction has been going on forever and I just want to see the pretty green campus that I toured again. When I received grades back from professors, I found it bizarre at how harshly graded some of my assignments were.

If you are looking to play a sport strongly advise you to look else where such as Division 1 where you can reap the benefits and reach your maximum potential as an athlete as they will have the resources for you to become the best you can be. Also, the area around this school is very boring aside from the beach.

There is not much to do and it is very unsafe at night.