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In the past, we’ve found Cowon’s portable media players to be delightful for video watching, and the same is the case here. Swiping motions are supported, but multitouch gestures obviously aren’t. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The X7 is a capacious GB player with a fairly large display 4. It works just fine with a stylus or with a finger tap, and unlike many resistive panels, we weren’t forced to actually use our fingernails to make inputs. But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy options out there.

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But if you’re looking for something that’s simply the best at being simple, the X7 is tough to beat.

That’s a major downer — you can’t simply toss in a generic micro or mini-USB cable cowoj and expect to load new content. The X7 is looking to challenge the iPod Classic as a roomy source for media. Microphone Microphone Form Factor. The overall design is lovely, but the low ccowon resolution, quirky UI and use of a propriety connection cable dampens our excitement.

If you’re looking for that, there’s a Zune HD or iPod touch waiting with your name on it.

What Hi-Fi?

It’s aural bliss, plain and simple. That said, we looped a video for around nine hours before seeing any It sits nicely in the hand, and while it’s not the lightest PMP in existence at 0. If you need boatloads of room on your PMP, and are willing to pay a premium for the best audio quality a set of human ears can get, keep your eyes on this JetMall newcomer.


We figured Cowon’s X7 wouldn’t bother passing through the FCC’s loose fingertips if it weren’t planning on making a stateside debut at some point, and cowno enough, the aforesaid media player is gearing up to ship here coowon two months after its South Korean reveal.

Cowon X7 Black (160GB) Digital Media Player

Cowon’s never been one to compete solely on price at least not in Americaand that’s not changing with the Dowon. Design Just like the V5 and A3 that have preceded it, the X7 is classically styled. Furthermore, there’s no clear and intuitive way to move around in your music library.

You’ll also notice a “Browser” in the UI — no need to get your hopes up, as there’s no WiFi and no web browser onboard. Having GB of onboard storage is also a godsend for album collectors, and the world-class audio quality will more than satisfy any budding audiophiles.

It also uses a resistive touchpanel rather than capacitive, but it’s actually one of the most responsive we’ve ever toyed with. How’s it all shake out? We do appreciate how easy it is to simply drag media onto the drive after it mounts on your computer, but then again, we appreciate anything simpler that the abomination known as iTunes syncing. Make a mini boombox by Donald Bell.

Audio Output Product Type. Let’s lay out an example: Wrap-up Cowon’s X7 is the definition of a mixed bag. It also has an FM radio, sound The sound it produces is good, the screen is a pleasure to watch and the battery life is It’s easy to sift through the laundry list of options, and we were able to find EQ tweaks that bettered just about every genre of music we tested.


Cowon X7 PMP review

Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, The iPod changed the world. Mit dem X7 besetzt Cowon eine Nische, die klar definiert ist und bisher kein nennenswertes Konkurrenz-Modell hervorgebracht hat.

By Engadget on December 01, 80 Cowon’s X7 is the definition of a mixed bag.

By Expert Reviews on March 07, 80 The X7 isn’t as pretty or as glossy as some of its rivals, but if you want a big, good-quality screen, great sound and an unfeasibly massive battery life, this is the media player for you The image quality was great, however, as were viewing angles, but we couldn’t help but yearn for something a touch more dense.

Editors Liked Plenty of storage space Great audio quality Built-in loudspeaker Bluetooth wireless headphone support Great audio format support Phenomenal battery life. That said, we looped a video for around nine hours before seeing any hints of exhaustion, leading us to believe that you may honestly get triple-digit battery life if sticking to audio alone.