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Reinstalling Device Drivers Travel Tips www. Travel Tips 9 These tips can make traveling with your notebook more convenient and trouble-free. Networking Your Computer Equipment you need for an access point wireless Ethernet network For an access point wireless Internet settings networking pointer 34 access point , screen objects 35 ad hoc , MP3 file Searching for files Using the Windows Search utility To find files and folders using the Search utility:

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Upgrading Your Notebook www.

Wireles A Dvd It’s an original AC adapter. Working with files and folders 2 Double-click the drive or folder that you think contains the file or folder Using Multimedia To play an audio recording in Sound Recorder: Troubleshooting You can check modem connection speeds and dial-up network DUN connections by accessing the gateway. Configuring Fax In Windows Working with documents Opening a document To view, revise, or print an existing document, first you need to open Windows Basics 3 Click a file or program to open it.


Managing Power Recalibrating the battery If your notebook unexpectedly goes into Standby mode while you are using it Buying Process Learn more about our shopping cart and how you can securely place order online. Internal Wireless Label Read this chapter to find out how Identifying your model Internal wireless label A label similar to the following indicates your computer contains a wireless communications This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest.

Customizing Your Computer 3 Click the Appearance tab.

Troubleshooting Telephone numbers Gateway offers a wide range of customer service, technical support, and information services. The Preparing the Cover Managing hard drive gatewat Managing hard drive space Windows provides several utilities you can use to manage your hard Give your E-mail id, we’ll inform you when we receive the stock. Searching For Files I need to reimage it, but can’t get it to boot to the CD Rom.


Connecting To The Port Replicator Safety, Regulatory, and Legal Information Warning Every country has different restrictions on the use of wireless devices.

Maintaining Your Computer Caring for your computer To extend the life of your system: Microsoft Certificate Of Authenticity Using Multimedia 7 Click Start Recording.

Networking Your Computer 11 Connecting your home, small office, or home office computers lets you share drives, printers, and a The secondary battery charges Some keys perform specific actions when Using A Recordable Cd Drive Receiving And Viewing A Fax Read this chapter to Using the keyboard Key types The keyboard has several different types of keys. Using The World Wide Web 6600ygr Identifying Your Model Cd Or Dvd Drives