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Remove From My Forums. It’s available in MSDN forums. Tuesday, June 1, 2: I simply would like to enjoy the functionality of the location sensor, but I have no need for the features offered when the window is open. COM ports do not support multiple connections. Windows 8 may ask you to enable location services as shown in the screenshot below.

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So I can access Windows Store. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Saturday, March 3, Before the driver can install itself, it has to know which COM port your GPS is connected to, and at what speed it communicates.

GPSDirect NMEA Sensor 64-bit

I ‘m working on Windows 8 issues. The strange thing is if i uninstall the driver and then immediatley reinstall it then it all starts working again until the next reboot.

To validate com port settingsyou might need before installing the driver to connect to the GPS device directly by using e. Can you provide a x86 binary or source code perhaps, so I can help out? As you would normally know where you are, that is not particularly interesting in a stationary situation.

Both appeared to work just fine simultaneously.

No GPS? No problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps (Part 1) | IntelĀ® Software

But I can’t get it to work. This is the only sensor installed in the Sensors control panel.


Using an Android smartphone as a GPS receiver. Mnea is no problem however, but it would be nice to get it working without the serial cable lol. Would it in any way improve performance or compatibility?

Basically the driver still runs when the window is closed. Monday, September 28, 5: I have a device that does the same thing Sixnet Cell Modem and nnea also cannot get it to work over ip. You can close it using the red X there is no “close” button and if you later want to monitor your device, you can simply run GPSDirect again. Now the GUI checks and applies configuration to the selected com port and if the COM port actually nmwa and gets configured, then the driver is installed.

Jmea new update almost works with Windows 8. Monday, March 19, 8: You will then be presented with the GPSDirect user interface window, a portion of which is shown below. Sunday, February 3, Or, if you prefer, post a link to the other site. You are most welcome to attach the file to your post here, so people can download it right here.

No GPS? No problem! Using GPSDirect to develop location-aware apps (Part 1)

Easy installation and configuration, and it works immediately. My application would “auto-detect” Gpsdjrect port by iterating all ports available and checking for NMEA data manually and then configure the driver to use the discovered port.


Sunday, July 17, 3: By the way, I saw the sentence “If you want to redistribute this driver whithin your application contact me at the forum”. Also if an error sensorr in the communication, the driver will retry the COM port as soon as a new client is attached.

One output was then used by the Location Sensor driver to feed the Win 7 Weather gadget, and the second output was used to feed iGuidance navigation software. Saturday, October 27, 3: I’m not sure, but generally an ISensor is an ActiveX control so you would instantiate it and use it the same way you would with any other.

Monday, August 16, 7: Can you share this version of GPS Sensor 0.